Oct 11 - Being a boot bitch is not a natural skill, obviously . A true fan has made his way into My presence and will be learning that it isnt as easy as it may look when others serve Me. With a love for My leather boots and nylons he learns that I want and expect to get My feet worshipped properly regardless of experience. With foot slaps to the face and other mini test to see where the skills may lie in this worthless beta that desires to serve, I put in My time discovering while exacting punishment.

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Oct 8 - Hotel rooms are the most boring part of vacations, unless you take an adventure with Me. I bring back a little treat for the room to play with . Wearing sexy leather gloves and a miniskirt I show off the new toy to My friend. We allow him to worship our heels and our bare feet as We mock his begging to cum. I don't think he understands that he may be the entertainment but its really nothing to do with him at all

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Oct 14 - With My beautiful Amazon Domme friend We decide to teach this lucky slave the beauty of two dommes instead of one . A little corporal punishment should do the trick . We trade off while inflicting just enough punishment to encourage changed behavior . Some doggies just need twice the love. Using him as a chair and other forms of entertainment he has quite the job of keeping us both entertained while muffling his outcries. I allow him to rest from his duties with a solid kick to the balls while being thanked for My generosity

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Jul 22 - Fucking your face with My boot is so entertaining, you look much much better with My boot shoved in your mouth.

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Jul 19 - The pleasure of serving Me can be seen in My slaves faces. Although My priorities only involve My happiness I do find it amusing that My slaves are just as happy to be owned by Me.

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Jul 16 - I rest My bare feet on My slave before disciplining him . As expected he bows and waits nervously to see what his Goddess has in store for him.

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