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Q: How do I know that my credit card information and other personal details are safe with you?


A: With regards to payments you deal exclusively with our payment processors, CCBill and Verotel. We never see your bank or credit card information.


For example when you sign up through CCBill, this is what happens:


1. The form you see is served by CCBill server (see the URL), and all information you enter goes directly to them.

2. CCBill verifies your payment and credits it to our account.

3. CCBill automatically creates an account for you our server and sends you] an email with your username/password.


CCBill and Verotel are the best known and trusted payment processors for adult websites and they have very strict security and privacy policies.


Our billing is discreet:


There is no mention of the site name on your credit card statement. The transaction only shows CCBill or Verotel, depending on which service you used to sign up.

Q: Should I sign up through CCBill or through Verotel


A: We don't have any preference. If your card is rejected by one of them (which is known to happen sometimes with perfectly good cards, especially from non-USA banks) try the other one.

Q: I tried to sign up and I got a message that transaction was declined.


A: If your credit card payment is declined by one of our payment processors you will need to contact them directly:




Q: How can I cancel my membership.


A: It depends on which service you used to sign up.


If you used CCBill:

Cancel here:


If you used Verotel/Ticketsclub:

Cancel here:



If you have any technical problems with the site contact the webslave at Please mention the name of the site in your question.


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